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Compression fitting ferrule

Compression fitting ferruleSingle compression fitting ferrule may turn out to be the difference between an efficient process, and disaster. After all, if a fitting is not leak- or gas-tight, you will lose valuable resources. Or worse, oil may leak, endangering wild-life explosions may occur, exposing staff, leakages may damage expensive installations and tests may become unreliable. 

In order to avoid high costs and tragedy, it serves to work with reliable compression tube fitting manufacturers, such as Swagelok.

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How we guarantee the quality of our compression fitting ferrule

The reason we regard ourselves as especially reliable is because we have invested the full 70 years of our existence to product development and improvement. This has resulted in an unparalleled compression fitting ferrule. In fact, it is so leak- and gas-tight, that we had its technology patented.

Our compression fitting has not one, but two ferrules. The front ferrule creates a seal against the fitting body and on the tubing outside diameter. As the nut is turned, the back ferrule advances the front ferrule and radially applies and effective tube grip.

compression tube fittings manufacturers

Our compression fitting ferrule is decidedly corrosion and chemical resistant. This durability ensures low maintenance, also in semiconductor and petrochemical industries. Furthermore, it can withstand vibrations, making this compression fitting ferrule highly recommendable for example in the oil and gas industry.

It can also be used in combination with extreme temperatures, for example in steam supply, or condensate return. And while boasting these features, it remains strong and ductile, and, therefore, easy to install. Can you imagine the costs you can safe if leak-tightness remains unquestioned under these conditions?

Our compression fitting ferrule technology enables re-use. This saves money, especially if your installation needs to be disassembled every so often, for example when maintenance needs to be carried out. It also saves time, because compression fittings are more easily installed than soldered or welded fittings.

Why Swagelok is one of the most successful compression tube fitting manufacturers in the world

We pride ourselves in focusing on two important aspects:

  1. High quality products, which we continuously improve
  2. Customer-oriented support and services

We have already explained the quality of our products, now let us explain our customer service. While all companies provide customer support, we do not just do as you ask. We try to do before you ask. By listening closely to you, we hear where the shoe pinches. This close cooperation with our customers has resulted in many an outstanding product and service, such as training courses, surveys and tailor-made products.

Furthermore, we allow you to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. We do so by keeping over 10.000 spare parts in stock. These parts can reach you within a few days. It is exactly for these reasons that Swagelok has become one of the most respected compression tube fitting manufacturers in the world.

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