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Products and Services for the Clean Energy Industry

Hydrogen fuel cell, natural gas, or other synthetic fuels (ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, etc.) on-vehicle fluid systems and the infrastructure used to fuel them require high-integrity system components that effectively contain high-pressure, small-molecule gases. We provide OEMs with high-performance Swagelok® fluid system products specifically engineered for the toughest challenges in the specialty fuels markets. Our stainless-steel components are designed to deliver the seal tightness, grip strength, thermal performance, corrosion resistance, ductility, and ease of assembly needed to make alternative-fuel vehicles and infrastructure viable. 

Strained workforces, a lack of skilled technicians, and supply chain complexities are just some of the challenges that can make the development of fluid system applications difficult. Swagelok Nederland can provide the support you need to overcome design challenges, select components, and troubleshoot issues while developing low- or zero-emission fuel storage, transportation, and delivery systems. Come to us for custom subsystems and assemblies built to your exact specifications, ready to be installed. Or, let our experienced fluid system professionals help get your team members get up to speed on fluid system best practices, trends and technology, or installation and safety.

Contact one of our Hydrogen Specialists about your challenges:
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Nico Dissel
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