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Grab Sampling Systems

Swagelok engineers inspecting a grab sampling system

Customizing Swagelok® grab sampling systems allows for safe, efficient sample capture while meeting your specific plant application needs. The panels are available in a variety of configurations and advanced features.

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Designed by Swagelok Engineers. Optimized for You.

All Swagelok grab sampling systems are designed to protect both your personnel and your profitability, then configured locally by fluid system specialists to meet your specifications.


Designed for Safety

Swagelok grab sampling systems separate the process pressure from the sample bottle and user, preventing overfilling and overpressure conditions. Our panels are also designed with features to minimize the opportunity for operator error, such as a spring-return handle on the sample draw mechanism of the GSL that prevents unintentional dispensing.

ease of use

Designed for Ease of Use

Swagelok grab sampling systems are designed to reduce the number of sequencing steps required for sampling and are built for streamlined maintenance, as well. A switching valve configuration on GSM and fixed-volume GSL panels allows for simultaneous control of fluid routing and gives a clear indication of sequencing to the operator and components such as gauges can be isolated during maintenance to minimize downtime.

Swagelok grab sampling systems are designed for reliable results

Designed for Reliable Results

Closed-loop GSM sampling panels provide fresh samples to cylinders that hold samples at the same process conditions that existed during sampling, giving confidence that the sample is representative. A GSL can use glass laboratory bottles that provide immediate feedback on the visual quality of a sample stream. All our grab sampling panels are assembled with Swagelok tube fittings, reducing potential leak points.