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Swagelok Nederland

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Swagelok tubes fittings and valves for chemical and petrochemical industry


Instrumentation valves and fittingsWith Swagelok’s tubes fittings and valves for chemical industry and petrochemical businesses, you have the quality products to assure optimal uptime. Want to learn more about our tubes fittings and valves? Consider getting trained on how to install, use and maintain them for reliable system performance? Then contact Swagelok Nederland to get information about all the opportunities.

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Why our tubes fittings and valves for chemical and petrochemical industry reduce downtime

Studies have shown that product losses and efficiency reductions in chemical plants are becoming more and more common. Due to fluid system fouling, plugging, freezing, corrosion, leaking and cracking, systems are seriously slowed down, or need to be temporarily shut down all together. This can be avoided!

Our tubes fittings and valves are of such quality, that we can assure they are:

  • Leak-tight;
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant;
  • Highly durable, even in harsh and nuclear environments and in extremely high and low temperatures.

Our tube fittings are equipped with not one, but two ferrules. The front ferrule creates a seal against the fitting body and the tubing outside diameter. The back ferrule axially advances the front ferrule when the nut is turned, creating a highly effective grip.  

Want to learn more about our tubes fittings and valves for petrochemical industry and chemical businesses? Then request our fittings or valves catalogs for more information.

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Training courses in installation and assessment techniques, using our instrumentation valves and fittings for the chemical industry

But there is more. Apart from selling you our instrumentation valves and fittings, we can train you to optimize fluid systems. By learning how to carry out sampling system optimization, energy audits, and mechanical efficiency programs, you can:

  • Reduce the labor required for maintenance;
  • Improve process efficiency;
  • Optimize performance of utilities;
  • Improve energy intensity metrics.

Want to learn how to tackle problems and fine-tune your systems? Then read more about our trainings options

Require consultancy? Let our experts help yours to increase performance of your instrumentation valves and fittings

Instead of receiving training, you may also consider hiring our experts to help yours. Swagelok has been successfully in business since 1947. Not only do we have a thorough understanding of the products our customers are seeking, we also know how to tackle any problem that arises in the use of tubes fittings and valves. Allow us to work together with you and optimize the up time and efficiency of your chemical or petrochemical process.

For more information about our products, training or consultancy, feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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