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Swagelok Nederland

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July 2017

Do you want to expand your knowledge about sampling systems? In this white paper you can read 10 tips and learn more about this topic.
When it is time for you to follow an extended training, please read more about our SSM (Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance training) or  PASS training (Process Analyzer Sampling Systems). In 2 or 5 days you will learn and work with sampling systems.

10 Tips to improve Sampling Systems

Mei 2017

Whatever your ideas are, we can help...

Get this new brochure about our Custom Solutions department. This information will give you an overview about our possibilities and capabilities.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you want more information or need an appointment with a Sales Engineer.

Get your Custom Solutions brochure

April 2017

Check our new tool: the Regulator Flow curve generator.
This tool will give you a unique flow curve based on a set of user-specified application parameters for RHPS series regulators. 

Regulator Flow curve Icon

March 2017

In November of this year we will organize 2 interesting trainings from our Sampling System Program.

SSM training: Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance training
For maintenance people who are busy with problem solving at a Sampling System its advisable to attend the SSM training: Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance training. Two days with a lot of topics as: diagnose and troubleshoot sample system errors, understand sample system performance and learn why and how samples change phase and how to manage your system to control it. 
Subscribe now for 2-3 november 2017 

PASS training: Process Analyzer System training
At time you need a more extended training about sampling sy
stem because you are an analytical system engineer, you are able to follow the PASS training: Process Analyzer System training. You will learn to calculate pressure drop in a fast loop or return line, or calculate flow rate for a gas and liquid, design and build a sampling system. These is only an idea of the topics.

Please read here more about SSM or PASS training. Both will be given by Phil Harris, an Industry expert with more than 30 years of experience.
Subscribe now for 6-10 november 2017

Samples System training

February 2017

U Series hoses offers the flexible characteristics and are available in the larger sizes needed to service in applications in the Food & Beverage industries. And also in Pharma and Biotech industries.
Read more about the extended choice of hoses you can select for your specific industry.
Contact us today for more information or help in your selection.

December 2016

Selection of the correct hose is important in every industry. You will save money when you are able to make the choice for a carefully considered, warrantied hose assembly. And for example it will avoid unplanned downtime and safety incidents. We can help you in this process and if you need more information please contact us today. 

Watch this video to learn more about hose selection.

Swagelok hoses

November 2016

We believe that listening to our customers is one of the most important things we can do in our business. We attempt to capture the Voice of the Customer in many ways. Through our sales teams, through customer visits to our manufacturing centers, and through focus groups. But the Global Customer Survey is unique and especially valuable because it comes to us directly from the customer unfiltered by any social context.  Please take a look at this brochure and read how customers experience Swagelok.

Swagelok Global Survey

October 2016

At the University Twente a High Pressure lab is opened in September 2016. Several Swagelok Products have been processed in this lab.

Hoge druk lab Universiteit Twente
Watch this video to get a good impression.

Need more information? Please contact us.