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Materials Science Training

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Material inspection
Materials Science Training

Swagelok Nederland organized October 2 and 3, 2017 an interesting training about Materials Science. This training is for you, your engineers and technical specialists to get the right knowledge to select optimal materials of construction for demanding applications. 

This one day class provides a basic knowledge of principles of material science, along with information on corrosion and other factors affecting material properties.
We hired the Instructor Gerhard Schiroky, a specialist from the US, to learn you all about  this topic.

Key learning objectives

• Understand critical concepts surrounding the basic nature and behavior of materials, such as:
– A simple atom-level view of metals
– Microstructural characteristics of materials
– Ferritic, austenitic, and duplex alloys
– Mechanical properties of materials
• Explain different types of corrosion and how specific alloys resist corrosion
• Discuss sour gas corrosion, NACE standards, and component selection for compliance with NACE standards
• Select appropriate materials of construction for various applications, considering factors such as pressure ratings, temperature ratings, corrosive threats, and compliance with standards and specifications
• Explain various alloy options, along with their advantages and disadvantages
• Open discussion about the topics in this training

Watch this video about the instructor and the training Materials Science.

Please contact us if you want to know more about the training options in 2018.
And for any questions please call us at +31 (0)88 9090 707 or email us.