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Mechanical seal support systems

March 25 2021, 16.00 hr.

Standardization is key in maximizing uptime and increasing efficiency. Guided by API 682, Swagelok mechanical seal support system designs avoid pipe threads and limit the number of connections wherever possible. Reducing potential leak points helps you save money, reduce labor, and improve safety.


Join our TechTalk on Thursday March 25 about Mechanical seal support systems to learn more about this. Our presenter is Sean Hunsicker together with Lennart Monster. Sean is a Chem and refining market manager with a focus on supporting Rotating equipment. Visited close to a hundred process plants he has experience with facing the challenges faced by engineers tasked with keeping pumpscompressors and other rotating equipment available for production. In this interesting TechTalk he will talk about designing seal support systems for reliability, safety and off course the ease of maintenance. Join today! It will only take you 30 minutes.




  API atmospheric side seal plans 

Thursday, March 25, 2021  REGISTER
Virtual TechTalk: Register to receive link to join, via button above or form below.

Presenter: Sean Hunsicker, Market manager chemical & refining
Start time:  16.00 hr.
Length: 30 minutes.